The Tough Case

Mapify Twilight Silver New York Tough Case

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Tough Case

 $ 35.00 USD / € 29.00
The premium and high quality phone case

Protect your phone with an extra rubber layer of the Mapify Tough Case
Mapify Tough Case with the Map of New York protects your phone from damages
Protection ultra for Mapify tough phone cases

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Our Mapify Tough Case is extremely robust. The outer layer contains the same material used in aircraft  and police car windows. In addition, the front of the phone case is slightly raised, so you can lay your phone on the screen without the risk of scratches. With this case your phone stays in a perfect condition for longer!

Phone case with edge protection

Dual protective edges

Full coverage on the corners to give deep protection and saves the device from breakages. Also keeps the phone tightly gripped and never separates if dropped.

Screen protection

Extended edges on the front side keep the screen slightly off any surfaces. Also prevents the screen coming into contact with flat surfaces if dropped face down.

Scratch resistance Hard plastic casing is the perfect oponent to scratches.

Scratch resistant

Hard plastic casing is the perfect opponent to scratches. It makes light work of keys and coins when kept together in a pocket.

Phone Case with long lasting printing

Long lasting prints

The print is sunk into the hard plastic case. It can never be washed off. 

The Lay-flat bezel protects your phone screen

Wireless charging

Easily charge your phone wirelessly without taking the phone case off. It’s also no problem to charge with the cable.

Phone case with a perfect fitting

Perfect fit

Perfectly sized case designed to be a perfect companion for your phone.

The phone cases is printed around the edges

Edge printing

3D sublimation printing technique allows your map print to completely wrap around your device.

Easy accessibility

A thin rubber surface on the button area makes it easy to push buttons while holding the device.

The Tough case with a rubber layer

Dual Protection layers

Two layers provide the extra protection for your device. The rubber layer cushions shocks and provides a cover for the buttons. The plastic layer protects from scratches and provides a smooth grip.

Mapify phone case protects your camera

Camera protection

The case perfectly surrounds the camera to prevent scratches on the lens. The camera is also completely clear of obstruction so you can leave the case on when taking pictures.


Anti Slip Feel

Thanks to the smooth finish the Tough Phone Case is easy to grip and does not slip out of your hand when held. It does not slip from surfaces.

Phone Case has excellent resistance to outdoor weathering.

UV protection

The Tough Case has excellent resistance to outdoor weathering. So even the hardest weather conditions won’t harm the optical quality of your phone.

Shock absorbing Mapify phone case

Shock absorbant

The rubber case provides anti shock protection.

Phone case with a smooth finish

Smooth finish

Quality finished edges provide a soft feel while holding device and prevent you from dropping your phone.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You want to create a phone case of your favourite city but you have questions? Here we are answer some of the most common questions.

The Clear Case

The Clear Case

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